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Group Full Day Course

£225 Per Person - minimum 2 people

Please contact us direct for groups up to a maximum of 4 people

This group session is suitable for complete beginners to glassblowing and those of an intermediate skill level looking to progress.

Because of this session’s unique character and adaptability, it has become popular with couples and small groups, time and time again, who have developed a passion for glassblowing and want to build on their knowledge and abilities.

You will learn to manipulate, shape, colour and blow the glass. With our help and guidance throughout, we will teach you a variety of basic techniques in order to make a simple vessel form of your own design.

All health and safety equipment will be provided for you and all the items you make are yours to keep once they have had sufficient time to cool down properly overnight. Family and friends are welcome to observe.

Gift vouchers can be purchased in from the online shop.

For available dates please contact us by email on charlie@emglass.co.uk or amy@emglass.co.uk.

This course can be up to maximum of 4

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